Friday, May 18, 2007


New Work by The Hiberts! June 1st (First Friday), 6-9pm

Watch this!

The Hiberts are an awesome family.

Snaggs, her husband Arbito, his two cousins Oliver and Spencer, gallons of fresh paint and yards of fuzzy felt are coming to Portland, OR to remind us to jump start our imaginations.
Their work is a shining example of west coast psychedelic art. The vivid colors and icons used often resemble work created during the golden 1960s American revolution.
The Hibert family style rounds the edges and cranks the volume up on icons such as hippies, monsters, bell bottoms, totem poles, long hair, flowers and everything typically West Coast that can been shown in a cute and fuzzy light.
Although Arbito, Snaggs, Oliver and Spencer have earned established gallery reputations, they have never shown together in Portland. The simple fact that they are all flying to be here at their Grass Hut opening tells us something about their passion for Portland's art scene.
How passionate are you?

Super! Cool!
Oliver Hibert
(smooth acrylic on canvas)

Oliver Hibert was born in 1983 near Seattle, Wa. He is a self taught
artist that has been painting since the age of 15. By the age of 18,
Oliver had shown in numerous galleries, and by age 20, Oliver had shown
his paintings in two different museums in Arizona. He now resides near
Phoenix, Az. With his girlfriend and 1,000 albino peacocks.

Wonder Flyer
Oliver Hibert
(smooth acrylic on canvas)

Look Out! Run!
Oliver Hibert
(smooth acrylic on canvas)

Vinyl Pillows

Vintage Repeating Face Fabric


Bad Moon Rising

Elephant Rides

Snaggs is a local Seattle textile artist. You can usually find her dwelling in her basement, sewing up a storm; surrounded by heaps of vibrant, rainbow colored, fuzzy felt. When she’s not doing art work, she focuses the rest of her creative energy into outbidding people on ebay, posting paparazzi photos on flickr, and gaining endless inspiration from her artist husband, arbito.
Sunday Afternoon

Miigii Sculptures
Spencer Hibert

Yolk Yellow
SOLD-Superlicious Bright Green (glow-in-the-dark)

Miigii comes with a carrying package
which includes 12 different colors of random vinyl stickers and a comic.
Handmade, Limited Run 15 of 50, Numbered & Signed

Born in Seattle, Washington March 6, 1980, Spencer moved with his family at the age of five to Phoenix, Arizona. It was there that imaginary mirages appeared to him daily. The constant sun intensified the bright colors of these images. Spencer Hibert currently resides in Phoenix, Arizona, where he turns these bright colorful mirages into paintings.
Lil Totem
Spencer Hibert
(super-pro acrylic on wooden jig-saw cut-out)

Missy and Morlock
SOLD-$250 13X24 inches


Let's Roll
$20 4x7 inches (digi-print on canvas)

As a Washington native, Arbito prides himself on knowing exactly what Seattleites desire.
Arbito likes: Mind Wars, Cottage Cheese, Lasers, Elbow Hockey, Wooden goods, Long hair and vans. He is 32 and Taken.